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At CKB, we have developed a reputation for having friendly, agreeable team members.  Our customers feel comfortable around our operators because we focus on hiring not simply the most experienced individuals, but also those individuals with the quality personalities our customers appreciate.  The way we see it, quality individuals are the only workers who can produce quality results.

Meet a few of the individuals who work to uphold our reputation.

Cliff Pannebaker, President & Co-Owner

Contact Cliff at: cliff@ckbconstruction.com

Cliff started his construction career with standard general in 1980 as a surveyors helper during summer breaks in school. After finishing high school it was off to work for his father at Batra const. Over the years he worked for several of Alberta’s leading contracting firms including Babichuk engineering, MAP const, Insituform technologies and IGL canada (western) ltd. Cliff advanced through these companies and with the knowledge and skills he had learned, he decided in 2001 to join the family business and help direct the company towards the future.

In his off time Cliff and his wife keep busy trying to keep up with their daughters swimming schedule. They also enjoy traveling and have hit most of the hot spots, and are looking forward to some longer and further away holidays. Cliff also enjoys hunting and spending time at the farm with his horses.

Roger Krahn, General Manager

Contact Roger at: rkrahn@ckbconstruction.com

Roger started in the construction industry in 1980 starting out as a labourer for Standard Construction and working his way up to lead hand before taking a position at IGL Canada as a Jr. Estimator in 1989. With guidance and leadership from some of the industries most respected leaders and co workers Roger achieved the role of Project Manager and maintained that position for approximately 12 years.

During his working career Roger completed a 4 year study at N.A.I.T (Building Construction & Architectural Tech. Major in Urban Planning). In 2004 taking night classes Roger got a Business Certification from the U of A Facility of Extension. In addition he earned his Construction Safety Officer designation and his Gold Seal Certification. In March of 2007 Roger joined CKB as General Manager.

Roger spends his off time with his wife Darlene and his 2 girls. In addition to family time Roger enjoys country music, quading, hunting, fishing and especiially driving his motorcycle.

Bill Pannebaker, Operations Manager & Co-Owner

Contact Bill at: bill@ckbconstruction.com

Bill has been with CKB for over 20 years and he’s enjoyed roles from equipment operator to estimator. In each role Bill has focused on safety and is still involved with regular internal audits to maintain CKB’s Certificate of Recognition and remains a certified safety auditor with the PEER program.

Bill now manages multiple crews and consults with clients as well as managing day to day operations.

Bill enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 lovely children. When not working on his acreage, he can be found hunting, fishing, quading or enjoying family vacations.

Jodi Kinsey, Health & Safety Coordinator

Contact Jodi at: jodi@ckbconstruction.com

Jodi manages the overall maintenance, implementation and enforcement of the safety program as CKB’s safety officer. To maintain our Certificate of Recognition and guarantee that all our supervisors, operators and crews live up to our high safety standards, Jodi completes regular internal audits and inspections for CKB. As a certified safety auditor, through the ACSA Peer auditing system she also completes external audits for various other construction oriented companies.

Jodi is a trained safety instructor and implements or instructs various, ongoing training sessions. Jodi brings with her a certificate in Office Administration, Health and Safety Administration and also has her National Certified Safety Officer designation.

While away from the office Jodi keeps busy with her extensive family on their farm west of the city. Jodi is lucky to share her profession with her husband, and both volunteer time by hosting various safety seminars and information sessions in their community.

Duane Cardinal, Estimator

Contact Duane at: duane@ckbconstruction.com

Duane has been in the construction industry at CKB since December 2005 as an Estimatior. Duane has worked extensively in manufacturing, first as an equipment operator and later on as a supervisor. Duane graduated from BCIT in Vancouver with a manufacturing engineering diploma in 2000.

Being an eager traveler, Duane has been to Africa, Australia, Europe, Mexico, South East Asia, US and the Caribbean. Duane is always ready to talk about past and future trips with everyone he meets. When not working on that next bid or planning his next trip, Duane enjoys playing computer games online, reading books, going to good concerts or just sitting back and relaxing with family and friends.

Mike Melnychuk, Superintendent

Contact Mike at: mmelnyckuk@ckbconstruction.com

Mike Melnychuk has been employed at CKB Construction since the summer of 1999. He began as an equipment operator, over the years Mike has moved up through the ranks to superintendent
Mike has high standards and is dedicated to a safe and productive work environment.

Mike enjoys the outdoors, wether riding motorcycles with his wife or playing with his 4 children ages 4-12

Darryl Cardinal, Superintendent

Contact Darryl at: dcardinal@ckbconstruction.com

Darryl started in the construction industry in 1987 for Babichuk engineering, during the rebuild of the Evergreen trailer park after the devastating tornado ripped through the eastern part of Edmonton. Over the years he also worked for Insituform technologies as well as IGL Canada, after a couple of summers working for CKB Construction he signed on as a crew foreman and eventually move up to Superintendent as the company began to grow.

Darryl enjoys spending time with his 3 children and spoiling his 2 grandchildren, when the opportunity arises he will tag along for a hunting or fishing trip

Jennifer Lohner, Safety/Office Administrator

Contact Jennifer at: jlohner@ckbconstruction.com

Being at the hub of the office, Jenn makes good use of her 7 years of administrative experience as the multi-dimensional office assistant. Specializing in Safety Administration, with a background in oilfield, she brings knowledge of a heavily legislated industry to the water and sewer industry. Even though she has minimal experience within a well-established company, she is eager to learn from the knowledgeable team and assist everyone that walks in the door.

Joanna Pyhtila, Accounting Administrator

Contact Joanna at: jpyhtila@ckbconstruction.com

Joanna recently joined the CKB team, she has an oilfield background and brings that experience to the CKB Accounting department. Joanna has become an integral part of CKBs tight nit office and we look forward to having her on the team for years to come

Kerry Pannebaker, Shop Foreman

Contact Kerry at: kerry@ckbconstruction.com

Kerry is an experienced operator on various types of Heavy Duty Equipment. He has well over 20 years experience running, repairing and maintaining both automotive vehicles and heavy duty machines.

Kerry leads our maintenance team in keeping all CKB’s equipment in good condition and focuses on preventative maintenance as a cost and time-saving effort. Kerry and his team ensure that each piece of equipment is in peak condition before it leaves the CKB yard and arrives at our customer’s work site.

After working hard all week, Kerry likes to keep busy with his two young girls camping, biking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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