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Safety Training

Our safety advisor and safety administrator work to ensure that all members of our team are engaged in ongoing safety training and to verify that our practices and procedures are up-to-date and above code.

Safety Audits

In addition to performing weekly job site inspections, our safety advisor conducts annual internal safety audits. CKB contracts an external safety consultant to perform safety audits every three years. On our continued journey forward we have joined Avetta (a web based prequalification hub) and have been a member since Feb 14,2017

Scheduled Maintenance

With a focus on preventative maintenance, CKB conducts scheduled maintenance on all equipment and vehicles

Government Standards

We annually certify all of our road-bound tractor-trailers and heavy truck equipment, and we ensure that we meet and exceed Occupational Health & Safety standards.

Safety Committee

In our ongoing efforts to ensure quality control, we at CKB meet with all employees once per month to perform internal training and to ensure that our team is doing all that it can to prevent injuries and environmental incidents. This type of open forum invites free discussion on safety concerns and success stories.

Safety Certifications